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half live from the bay area's news station this is kron 4 news at 4:3 >> at 4:30 playoff fever as the san francisco giants make a run for the national title today. the series was wrapped up against the arizona diamondbacks and joins us live. >> and break of that firm, is a vern glenn this week for the diamondbacks and now, broom -- one game, clenches the national division in this ballpark. they moved in one a decade ago it was a playoff like atmosphere. from the time i walked into a down, 1-0. let us world the highlights the. and i do not know where this came from. although set in, they were a home run hitting team. 31 home
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runs and this month, alone. sandoval, the splash hit. for sandy, and thai this at one. and on the heels of that one, pour is accurate and in the fifth inning to give a may 2nd-1 lead cardiff torres and posey, with a 321. blasted a two-run. fast to give the giants a cushion, and the victory, 4-1! this locker room is as confident as i have ever seen it. it does not matter what the padres, due today. pages have to have a one day victory in the next three days. and it is it. they will move on to san francisco the nationals. and >> a raucous day and a mansion with the main course will be tomorrow with the padres. -i
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imagine. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, vern glenn and do not forget that we will have live coverage. and sports director, gary radickh start a, a par-4 our coverage. >> and we of kron 4 news here are seven of the top local stories and less than four minutes. >> and the san jose it students are prepared to take an entire week off even the school just started a few weeks ago. october 4th-october 8th, all class is in san jose unified school district classes will be closed and offices will be closed extreme measures what millions of funding lost. with a 3 percent pay cut for staff and save $5 million. in san jose, christine connolly. >> and parents are worried about this for law will affect their
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children. >> and as a society we apparently cannot afford pub public school and a request our students to take five days off? >> and also goes with the fact that classes are much bigger. >> students are sympathetic that this will preserve teaching jobs but they're worried about the quality of education that their children will be receiving. >> and in novado, which total about six kids from broken bones on brand new play structures a public elementary schools. after that report, the school district but caution tape on of the recently installed structures. the district said these are off- limits. until the designer, manufacturer go before the board on tuesday night. the board will decide if any modifications need to be made before the playgrounds are able to open. maureen kelly. >> and southern california, more attacks between meg whitman and the housekeeper. first she
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claims she did not know that her housekeeper was an undocumented worker and then she said she did not receive the letter from 2003 questioning the social security number of the undocumented worker. and then the attorney of the housekeeper has meg whitman set and rating on it and he says he does not recall that. - handwriting is possible that he could have written on that. >> and another big store, the 10 million toys and furniture of fisher-price. with a safety concerns, and several parents asking about what they thought about the recall. the reaction was mixed and some people said the company is doing the right thing. to get dangerous products off the shelves and others expressed concern about the amount of safety testing. and they say that a company that makes toys for children should
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be more cautious about what products make it to the market. in emeryville, jeff bush. >> at the fremont police department, gregg says that todd young remains hospitalized one month after being shot by a suspect will server research award in oakland. >> you know, he is letting there with an 8-10 in. incision that is just the clothes.and any timo into surgery it is almost always a risk. he is in the same hospital bed from one month of us to get up and nobody cannot. >> and an oakland, has a minute. he was serving eight-search warrant a rest warrant. >> and san bruno explosion, the longest was 27 ft., the section of pipe are in a laboratory in virginia for investigation. meanwhile, state/local officials
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are going to appeal fema in the aftermath of the san bruno. so far come off fema is pledged federal relief of 75% to fight the fire in to repair the damaged equipment. the money will also pay for the shelter in the police, traffic control costs. however, the mayor of san bruno says that there's not enough resources to cover the entire cost of the disaster. ♪ >> now, the california budget battle today! government were trying to and that record breaking and. and without top- level negotiations, republican, governor, and leaders in both leaders of the parties are struggling with pension reform. governor arnold schwarzenegger once a legislative change and the democrats want the whole bargaining. these talks, after
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it the state is possibly issuing and i told you if there's no state budget and also the state treasury that- i o u and also, endangering public works process. >> a meeting will be held to discuss the fate of schools in alameda. the district is said to come over several different plans to sell budget cuts. because some important partial text did not pass. those schools on the chopping block include addison, otis, washington elementary. also, consolidating a number of other schools. meanwhile, oakland crime stoppers is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the rest of two gunmen that opened fire on an east oakland home. hitting a six year-old girl while she was asleep. lesley ramirez could be released in a few days and this is her picture. the six year-old had a bullet go through her right arm,
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chest. she was the only person hurt and the doctors removed it from her chest. police say it was not random and the gunman was targeting somebody else in the house that had gettinang lis for. >> and this truck was stolen after the driver part of seven elementary school on tuesday. the driver had locked the vehicle and taken the keys with him. it was full of funding cash from lunch money. >> and with both directions, the guadeloupe overpass is not bad either. we will be right back.
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@2 baccalaureate. correct. [ audience groans ] since this competition has been continuing for 48 hours and we have yet to eliminate anyone, it is the decision of this board to declare all 20 contestants winners. you have all competed admirably. admirably. a-d-m-i-r-a-b-l-y. admirably.
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[ male announcer ] at&t is making high speed internet affordable for only $14.95 a month with select services. at&t. rethink possible. there on the muni plant in fremont will have new ownership. tesla motors is going to build electric cars. toyota closed it
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in april leaving 4700 employees out of work. thousands that residual was also effected, and this would create 1000 jobs. mission/brenda was wet. 5:00 a.m.-water main broke. because was probably a old pipes that started to leak on in the intersection. been and at 11:00 a.m., still a mess. >> and beachgoers on the safe bacteria of caramel coast. samples taken on tuesday with high levels of bacteria that could increase the potential of illness. an advisory has been posted on the beach and will be remain into affect until bacteria is back to a safe zone for a safe, recreational use. head lice are eastbound towards
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he worked. medium-headlights--\
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♪ >> in national news, the nation's capital are getting swamped with tropical storm nicole. southern maryland, metropolitan d.c. with trouble traveling. and with flooded streets, sidewalks in the downpour. in a newark city, city officials are urging residents to be careful-new york city. >> i would like to take a moment to exercise caution tomorrow encourage exercising caution, serious forecast with freeing heavy rain, and when of 60 mph on a normal day that could cause giant limb and trees to fall. with several storm damage from a few weeks ago, they should take extra c
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caution and please make sure that people are safe. this is an unprecedented of the end, 1200 state, federal employees are working together to make sure their responses are coordinated and executed as quickly, safely as possible. >> in north carolina, three people were killed and a store related accident. their car after storm related. >> a suicide of a rutgers freshman is ooutrage of is students. and vicki liviakis secret sexual encounter. >> to fellow students are using a web camera to stream his tyler clemente in a sexual encounter with the man on the internet. on campus, the word on this sex tape spread like wildfire. >> and he put something on the printer that you should watch this. >> prosecutors that they set a
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twitter message that a saw clemente on the web camera. and authorities say 18 year-old clemente jump off a bridge and killed himself. students say it is difficult to know who to trust. >> it makes you feel that you cannot trust anybody, and who is in your room, watching you. the technology, to see how easy it is to access that, and string that to a large amount of people is unbelievable. fed >> clemente's roommate and his friend is charged with invasion of privacy. for vicki liviakis >> now your stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> and is that ok? >> i think that was just a mistake on their part. it is upside down. >> it is upside down. what does that mean? >> what? somebody is in
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distress. >> atop the milton phillips built in 1913 at the bay area of quality air. it is a state/local agency that is for the dates for the entire san francisco bay. is seems the upside-down. feminist leader is something going on? it-maybe there's something wrong? >> maybe it is about a beck smalad smog day >> :no! that american flag is upside down. apparently nobody noticed that it was upside down on the bay area. and until kron 4 pointed it out. >> we will talk about having that change it out, right away,
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and in san francisco, stanley roberts. if you have a story? e- mail us at: former president jimmy carter left in ohio hospital this morning. today's recovering from my of viral infection that gave him-82 the recovery, and the 85 year-old became ill on a debit s a two-ye the recovery. the medical team advised him to stay for two extra days. >> tony curtis died. the defiant ones, was an oscar nominee it roll. from 1958, and spared it
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is, and some like it hot. six different reamarriages, and he d in must taklos vegas of cardiac >> and continued cooler weather. temperatures will gradually coif for a few more degrees towards the weekend. sunday will be the coolest today. inland will barely be near 80 degrees. and looking for a warming trend of next week. not nearly as warm as it was this week. we will be right back. [ male announcer ] sacramento and silicon valley
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are only one hundred thirty miles apart. they may as well be on different planets. sacramento, mismanaged, ineffective. silicon valley gave us apple, intel, ebay. here meg whitman started with 30 people. led them. managed them. executed the plan that grew this main street company to fifteen thousand employees and made small business dreams come true. to change california let's send meg whitman up the road... about a hundred and thirty miles.
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♪ gabriel slate's tech report >> this looks like clear wrap and it is right on your schedule like a piece of scotch tape. however, it is going to be incredibly strong. and it was our originally used for military for helicopter blades. and all over there are videos
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shown its incredible strength like this one of the invisible shield. when thousand pounds. >> and this is resisting a bowling ball. these are gimmicky and i will not do these but i will do these more practical ones. this feel that a panic and not be pushed through that. and also, taking a key and scratching up their own but no marks because of this shield. and here we go. and i am giving this a lot of muscle and it is still showing resistance. and yes, it is called but perhaps the video is misleading. and this shield on them blackberry. and after a good scratching and amazingly, no scratches! that underneath was also free of any scratches. pretty impressive, so i tried my knife. again, impressive after a sliced this
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blackberry. no scratches. and for more information gabriel slate's tech report ♪ >> scientists map found in other words! astronomers, for the first time found a foundear of e light years away, which is felt relatively close. the new planet earth, is the habitable some referred by astronomers with perhaps water. >> and even like a sustainable. >> and new at 5:00 p.m., 5 the furloughs, and homeless crisis. the new chronic offenders in san francisco. >> a toy recall, millions of toys pulled off the shelves. what every parent needs to know, coming up. >> a live look a traffic and san francisco it is still very heavy. the top of your screen is
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the 80 towards the bay bridge is barely moving. towards the peninsula. and the southbound is also quite slow. the bottom of your screen is 101. kron 4 news of 5:00 p.m. is coming up, next.
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>> christine connolly explains why the is is a necessity. >> because of budget problems, the san jose district will be out of class october 4th-october 8th.

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